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Embrace the beauty of Moringa Oil, your key to radiant skin and luscious hair. Feel the deep hydration and healing as it brings out your natural glow. Perfect for daily care, this nourishing oil also enhances hair growth and shine.

Experience the transformative benefits of Lavender Oil for radiant skin and restful sleep. Soothe and heal your skin, reduce redness, and combat acne and wrinkles. Nurture your hair and embrace tranquility with this versatile, empowering oil.

Transform Your Self-Care with Healing Oils

Our oils are meticulously infused with scalar energy and the healing frequencies of 528 Hz to promote profound cellular regeneration. Each bottle is also blessed with loving affirmations, amplifying their healing potential. These carefully crafted oils are designed for use on your skin, body, and hair, encouraging you to nurture yourself, honor your body, and connect deeply with your spirit.

Incorporate these oils into your daily self-care routine as a ritual to guide yourself toward deeper inner peace and playfulness. By using these oils, you are not only nourishing your physical body but also fostering a loving and mindful connection with your inner self. Embrace this practice to cultivate a sense of harmony, balance, and joy in your life.

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Embark on the fascinating story behind Alfarah's exquisite lavender oil creation. Discover the artistry and precision that bring this exceptional fragrance to life

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A product that WORKS!!

I had been having issues getting a good nights rest and not able to get fully into REM asleep. I learned that lavender helps induce this and ever since I started spraying this product on my pillow, I have been experiencing vivid dreams and feeling extremely well rested! Definitely a high quality product I would recommend to anyone.

Delara B.

ALRARAH Lavender Oil is Marvelous & Smells Even Better

I suffered from multiple compression fractures and was given this Lavender Oil as a gift. My wonderful Michael put this marvelous oil on my back nightly. It is so soothing, smells superb, and gives me a wonderful nights sleep. My compression fractures healed faster than my doctor had ever seen before. I know for sure ALFARAH Lavender Oil was part of this miracle healing. I am forever thankful to my gift giver & everyone at ALFARAH

MM Allen

I am obsessed with these product. The smell is amazing, the results even better. I use these oils for everything, my skin, my hair, parts of my scalp, and even as perfume. I can't wait to try the bath salts I received today.

Olga K

The best lavender oil I’ve ever had. I’ve used other top brands and this one is by far the best!!!

Michelle S

I order the Moringa oil and the Lavender oil. I love them both! I use the Moringa oil on my skin for the dryness and crepey skin! It give the skin moisture it needs and leaves a nice, golden glow. The Lavender oil is wonderful to use at night!! It has a nice smell and helps to relax. I really love these products and the Alfarah team is so nice to work with! Wouldn’t order from anyone else!

Tammi S

I was able to purchase with confidence even from Japan!

ありがとう御座いました! It just arrived♪ I'm very happy with the nice packaging. My wife also loves this oil. I will also give this as a gift to my dear friend! I use it every day without fail, so I would like to order it again soon.

Saitama, Japan

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