Our Story

Our Story

Alfarah Self Care began as an homage to our grandma who died of cancer when we were children. She always took good care of everyone else, while neglecting her self-care at times. We want to help women all around the world prioritize putting care back into themselves.

We are brand new but have a big vision. Days are coming where women will celebrate the community of Alfarah as a place to come both virtually and physically to celebrate the feminine heart. The heart of overflowing love, compassion, surrender, and strength, which the world so badly needs.

As we grow, we will continue to support our customers with products that honor the Earth, people, animals, and our creator. 

We’re currently building out our lines, expanding our Lavender and Moringa into high-quality bath salts, bubble baths, and candles. From there, we’ll expand into night creams, face masks, and other methods of supporting our beauty and well-being. Our blogs will expand our understanding of what it means to be healthy in all areas of our lives and will knit together our community. 

We believe in this vision because it's backed by love; the love we have for this world, the love we have for you, and the love we have for each other. God will supply the resources for the vision put in our hearts as long as we do our part. Join us on the journey :) 

Love always,

Abbey, Sarah, and Dad


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Grandma, Sarah and Abbey having fun in 2nd grade show and tell day! This is one of Dad's favorite pictures of all of us together. Smiling and laughing are some of the best self-care remedies out there. If we could get this picture in a bottle, we'd do it.
Just another day at Grandmas. Time flies so be intentional about spending time with those you love, forgiving, letting go, and taking time for self-care.

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