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Enhance your experience with our organic, non-toxic and healing botanical oils. this is an invitation to connect with yourself and the earth. whether you take pleasure in using oils every day or concider it an occasional luxury, we aim to strengthen your need to carve out time in your life for you.

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blue lotus infused

Moringa oil

Regenerating hair and skin serum

"If we could see the beauty of a single flower clearly our whole life would change" Buddah


We LOVE the Moringa! I blend it with our sunscreen and apply it to my entire family! We have the healthiest skin in Florida!

Tampa, FL

I received the blue lotus oil as a gift and was immediately hooked. I had to order 2 more bottles so I wouldn’t run out!

Mary L

The blue lotus moringa oil is actually really amazing. I've always had doubts about products like this but its helped with my skin and hair tremendously, as well as my sons eczema. I will be a life long customer. thank you!

Los Angeles, CA

I also found the owner from the santa barbara, CA farmers market and literally stopped walking when I smelled the blue lotus moringa. I have been savoring every last drop of the bottle I bought back in feb 2023. I use it every day and night. It leaves my face so so supple and hydrated. Right about to buy another 2 bottles for my sister and I. It works on both of our skin types (I'm more dry skin and my sister is oily), but its leaves both of our faces feeling replenished. Favorite find of 2023!! Support this small business!


Luscious lavender oil

Connect to your deepest wisdom

WOW! Your lavender is amazing! Thank you! I'm falling asleep so much faster now!

Austin, Texas

I don't sleep well because I'm worried all the time. I used the lavender balls under my pillow last night and slept better than I have in years. Thank you Alfarah!

Los Angeles, CA

My daughter uses the roller lavender to ease her anxiety! Thank you!

Houston, Texas

I purchased this lavender to gift it to a lovely woman who is healing from surgery. I was gifted this lavender when I was in great physical pain. The scent luscious & its soothing properties brought much peace & healing to me. I accidentally posted one star as I struggled entering my review. This lavender is marvelous. Thank you team Alfarah - much love.

Mary M

I especially apply lavender oil to my collarbone and underarms to improve lymph flow and massage it.
I have tried lavender oil in the past, but this lavender is different from other companies in terms of comfort and scent after application! I was surprised. I like it very much! I always use it after a shower ^_^

Takeshi U

The Harmonic Egg Brought to you by Alfarah Self care

hydrating cream

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