Grown in a small village nested at the foot of the Drôme Mountains - a high altitude environment (800 to 2000 meters above sea level), which activates the miracle healing properties of this lavender.


this lavender is honored and extracted through a steam and still after it has been harvested and gone through a year long cave storage.

Activating the Healing DNA through Environmental Conditions

Alfarah's Lavender is resilient. Growing more beautiful & powerful through freezing, intense altitude, rain, wind and heat. being exposed to the great mothers seasons intensifies its potency and establishes it as a valuable resource for its diverse healing purposes.

after the flowers have grown and matured they are harvested with intention and set in a cave for a year to regulate. after the year is done they are put through a steam and still- to our bottles with no additives and finally to you.

frozen winter

During winter, the freezing process fortifies, concentrates & unlocks the essence and certain DNA in the lavender, enhancing its potency.

Rainy springs

During the rainy Springs, the lavender experiences accelerated growth, with the sap spreading into the leaves to foster vitality.

dry summer

with dry summers, the lavender is reaching maturity, locking in all that it has grown through, to transform into something else beautiful.

Finally it prepares it for harvest

Cave storage

After harvest, the lavender is meticulously stored in a cave for an entire year, allowing it to regulate and dry while developing its exceptional qualities for healing.

Why alfarah's Pure lavender oil

Alfarah's lavender oil stands out with its distinct composition, boasting high levels of linalool and a really low camphor content.

Linalool, a prominent chemical component, plays an important role in elevating melatonin levels, fostering deeper meditation experiences for individuals.

This heightened melatonin production not only promotes tranquility but also contributes to improved sleep quality, reduced stress, and enhanced overall well-being.

The unique blend of high Linalool and low Camphor in Alfarah's lavender oil not only delivers a delightful fragrance but also offers a therapeutic journey, supporting both mental and physical relaxation for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness.

what our customers are saying


I especially apply lavender oil to my collarbone and underarms to improve lymph flow and massage it. I have tried lavender oil in the past, but this lavender is different from other companies in terms of comfort and scent after application! I was surprised. I like it very much! I always use it after a shower ^_^

Takeshi U.

I had been having issues getting a good nights rest and not able to get fully into REM asleep. I learned that lavender helps induce this and ever since I started spraying this product on my pillow, I have been experiencing vivid dreams and feeling extremely well rested! Definitely a high quality product I would recommend to anyone.

Delara B.

I suffered from multiple compression fractures and was given this Lavender Oil as a gift. My wonderful Michael put this marvelous oil on my back nightly. It is so soothing, smells superb, and gives me a wonderful nights sleep. My compression fractures healed faster than my doctor had ever seen before. I know for sure ALFARAH Lavender Oil was part of this miracle healing. I am forever thankful to my gift giver & everyone at ALFARAH.

Mary A

I love how this product seeps into the skin and does not leave it feeling oily!

Lena H

The best lavender oil I’ve ever had. I’ve used other top brands and this one is by far the best!!!

Michelle S

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