Morning Rituals for Fulfillment and Joy (Part 2 of 2)

Good morning beautiful souls! ☀️

It is December 31, 2022 and I'm on a flight to Miami to celebrate 2023 and welcome in a new 2023 with great friends that are full of positivity, good energy, and optimism.  

To a degree, we manifest our reality from our thoughts.  With that in mind, I personally have noticed a huge shift in my life by paying close attention to my thoughts and what I am habitually thinking.  A thought, repeated often becomes a wavelength, which can become a signal that pulls in that very thought.  Quite literally; fearful thoughts bring in fearful results.  Positive thoughts bring in positive experiences. That's what this morning prime is all about;  starting your day WITH INTENTION vs. reacting to an insane world full of chaos and negativity. 

Our brains, while incredibly miraculous, are also simply "dumb terminals".  What I mean by that is, if you point your brain in a direction, it will create that reality.  That, my friends, is a powerful statement that should excite everyone. 

I've experienced this in my own life in remarkable ways in the past 6 months (July 6th to be exact) when I began using the following method.  I've not missed a day since I started this practice, and the results have been truly remarkable.  Those details are for another blog, maybe.  This blog is about that process. 

So without further ado, the following is my morning prime ritual.  Feel free to steal shamelessly and modify to make it your own. 

Time: 10-15 min (if you don't have 10-15 min to design your life, you don't have a life - Tony Robbins)

The first moment I open my eyes, I say outloud, "Good Morning God" and feel the gratitude for the moment.  DO NOT REACH FOR YOUR PHONE. (if you do you are at the mercy of whatever is on that screen.  This is about DESIGNING your life, not reacting to it (most of what's on that screen is negative anyway if checking emails or the news first)).

I then start a two part ritual (Priming first, I AM second)


This is covered in a previous blog, so I won't repeat it here in it's entirety, but involves breath work, feeling grateful for self, then others, then blessing self, then others.  Then focussing on 3 things you must accomplish that day, then your long term goals.  All while FEELING profoundly grateful for it all as if it's already happened. 

10 Minutes a Day to Change Your Life



First - a little background.  My brother had a near death experience when he was a sophomore in college. I was involved in that I could feel it when it happened.  As a result, I've read and listened to a great many near death experiences.  Therefore my belief system is not religious at all.  That said, I pray to Jeshua (aka Jesus) since he is most often at the doorway to the other side.   So feel free to modify this to your belief system.  If you are still searching, then you can plug in whatever makes you feel comfortable. Our creator knows your intention. 


Ok - here we go... my I AM morning ritual


Father, thank you for blessing me in every area of my life in AVALANCHES of ABUNDANCE;  in drawing me closer to YOU, in my relationships and bringing me a partner, in my finances, in my health, and in my experiences. 

Every Need, every Goal, every Hope, Dream, and Desire is manifest INSTANTANEOUSLY... 

For I am ONE with YOU and YOU are EVERYTHING


Thank you that every cell in my body vibrates with YOUR LOVE. Thank you that all my cells are healthy and alive and full of your DIVINE LIGHT.   Thank you that you are drawing me closer and closer to you with each passing moment.


Thank you that your light in me is drawing in the woman of my dreams.  Thank you that she is a representation of your love for me.  She's full of love and grace.  She is healthy in all ways, intelligent, funny, athletic, and growth minded. Thank you that I am her hero and she loves me unconditionally. Thank you that we experience your presence by reciprocating the love that flows from you into each of us. Life with her is pure joy. 


Thank you that because of YOU in ME, I AM a Money Magnet - I am drawing in financial blessings in all ways each day.  

Thank you that I AM a Wealth Warrior - that because of YOU in me, YOU are bringing me the knowledge and opportunity to magnify what you are bringing me for my self, my family, and the world. I am able to bless my family and your children because if your abundance in my life. 

(here I add in personal things that I"m grateful for while imagining them in my find with a heart full of gratitude) - I imagine my bank account in detail, I think about individual investments IN DETAIL.  I think about my business vision IN DETAIL. I think about my next home IN DETAIL... all while literally feeling in my heart a deep sense of gratitude.  

Side note:  God or the Universe or whatever you want to call it will provide for you based on your own vision.  if you are in life for yourself, you will be given those resources.  If you are in it for you and your family, likewise, you will be provided for in that fashion.  If you want to bless 10,000 people or 10Million, you will be provided those resources.  So get a big vision for your life.  Find a way to bless people around you.  Go big or go home.  and there's no shame in either path.  We are all on our own journey.  

I AM - Ways I'm Growing

Here I state:  I AM... "fill in the blank"... Some examples...

I AM completely organized and complete all my goals.  

I AM completely tuned in to my creator

I AM an elite athlete and eat healthy each day, etc. 

Grace and Ease:

Thank you Father, that with Grace and Ease you are bringing me all these blessings because I am your child and you love me. 


... and thank you that all these blessings are protected by the love of Jeshua. 

in his name, 

and so it is.

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