How to use salt baths help you sleep better

Hi ladies!

Today I want to share how bath salts are a great way to detox, relax and revive your mind, body and soul.   

This week, we talked to our friend Dr. Kara as she raved about our bath salts and gave us more science behind how our bath salts can improve your skin and overall health through better sleep.  Here's what she and our other subject matter experts have to say.

Combinations of Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts, and warm water opens your body's micro vessels that act to enhance circulation.  The increased circulation expedites and aids in oxygenating the cells and removing waste from the body.

Adding lavender to your bath or shower is added benefit to helping your body relax and wind down for deep, restful sleep.  Specifically, lavender binds with receptors in the pineal gland causing it to release melatonin into the blood stream.  Melatonin is the key hormone that initiates sleep.   It also doesn't hurt that melatonin is a super hormone that eliminates free radicals and heals the body during deep sleep.  As you can guess, your own melatonin is the best version versus that taken externally. 

It is often hard to find time to slow down, but taking a detoxifying bath should not take much more time than a shower, and they are much better for the mind, soul, skin and sleep preparation. 

So take time out at least two to three days a week to indulge in your own self care. Draw the bath and add your favorite bath salts while you prepare your family or yourself for bed.  Dim the lights and light an all natural candle.  Grab a book or listen to your favorite calming music.  I listen to binaural beats to create calming theta waves while I bath. 



Great Recipe for Healing Bath Salts 

You can build your own or purchase pre mixed bath salts.  both are great for your overall health and well being.  Here's a great formula:


1/2 cup - Epson salt- sooth and Exfoliate skin, draw out toxin, reduce swelling

1/4 cup - Dead Sea Salt - stimulate circulation and relieve muscle cramps and stiffness. 

1 tb sp - Bamboo leaf tea - rich in silica to promote strong nails, hair and glowing skin

1 tb sp - Dried Lavender Flowers - natural antiseptic, antibacterial eases skin irritation and acne. 

1 tb sp. - Hibiscus leaves  - Great anti agin benefits that purify the skin

10-30 drops - Lavender Essential Oils - relive stress, promote skin rejuvenation


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