5 Morning rituals for great sleep!

There is something special about the birth of a new day.  We are being given a fresh opportunity to start anew.  The past is gone and the story for the day ahead is yet to be written.  There are as many rituals to start the day as there are people around the world.  But the people that are most successful have some things in common when it comes to starting their day.  And for or purpose, we define success as remaining centered no matter what happens around them.  Somehow, they remain centered as the storm rages around them.

  1. Pray from a place of gratitude
(30-day gratitude challenge)
Being thankful to your creator as a start to each and every day is key to staying centered and lowering stress.  Maintaining that grateful connection during the day drives that serenity deeper. Gratitude destroys fear, which lowers cortisol production (the fight, flight, freeze hormone).  This is key as heightened cortisol levels for prolonged periods lead to anxiety, depression, headaches, memory / concentration problems, weight gain, and finally, trouble sleeping.  You’ll find that we at ALFARAH focus much of our attention on getting adequate deep sleep because it is THE foundation for good health.  Without a solid foundation of sleep, the rest of the structure of your health will falter.
So start your day grateful to your creator.  If things are really bad right now and you simply can’t find anything to be grateful for, take on this challenge.  First thing in the morning, write down one thing you are grateful for.  It could be the fact that you can see to write something down.  It could be that you were born in a country that provided the education to understand how to write.  It could be that you have a pillow. Much of the world is lacking in these areas that many of us take for granted.  Day 1, one thing you’re grateful for.  Day 2, ad one thing to the list.  Day 3, and so on.  Do this for 30 days, reading each thing you are grateful for before adding that day’s gratitude item to the list.  You don’t have to stop at 30 days.  Keep going.  We promise, you’ll notice a difference.  Find us on ALFARAH’s socials and let us know how your life has changed for the better!


  1. Water!

Fresh, clean lemon water refuels cells that became dehydrated from our breathing the night before.  It also helps the liver by providing a vehicle to remove waste and toxins from the body. The added lemon restores pH levels to their optimum alkaline levels.  Clean, fresh, lemon water is essential to starting your day off right.   If you’re a coffee nut and you have to have it, have your coffee after the 16oz glass of fresh lemon water.


  1. Vision Board / Accomplish
You are still in the first few moments of your day.  After praying and drinking your water, be intentional about what you want to accomplish today.  This is meant to be a beautiful moment, not a stressful review of all the stuff you have to do that day.  Keep it very high level and very high vibration.
Who will I serve today?
What will I learn today?
Who can I support today?
What one thing do I need to get done that will move my dreams forward?
Many people stand in front of their vision boards to make these statements.  If you don’t have a vision board, we will talk more about them in future blogs and videos we will be putting out.  For now, searching on the internet should yield a ton of resources to get you started in the right direction.  Some key elements to include are the things that are not “things” – time spent in nature, time spent with loved ones, helping those less fortunate, improving your wisdom.
Bottom line is stay focused on the prize, who will I serve, what am I to learn today, how am I being grown and made stronger.  These thoughts put into your mind each morning will help you stay more Zen as the challenges of the day present themselves.  Regular practice will literally rewire your brain.  Journal how your days go at the end.  Do this daily for a few months then look back on day 1.  You’ll notice a huge difference in your life.


  1. Incantations

Incantations, or as we like to call them “I – Can – tations” are exactly that.  They are positive, empowering statements you speak out loud to yourself each morning.  You can get in front of a mirror, you can stand before a window, you can go for a run, you can go for a bike ride, you can stand before your vision board.  It doesn’t matter where are what you are doing, just speak positive things into your soul. Your ears will hear it and take it deeply into your mind, again, rewiring your brain for the better.   You need to be telling yourself things like, I AM beautiful, I AM capable, I AM full of can-do power, I AM a force for good, I AM a warrior princess, I AM full of energy.   Even if you’re not feeling it in the moment, speak out that which you desire to be.  Your body, soul and mind will create the outcome.  Don’t worry about the how.  God, the angels, the universe, your creator, or whatever you want to call it, will take care of the how and the results. Your words have incredible creative power.  It’s time to start using them to build up, and never to tear down.

  1. Journal
Journaling is a very healthy and key part of many people’s day.  Most successful people journal at some level.  It is a release of the soul.  Much can come out during a journaling session.   I am a morning journal person.  I know many people who journal at the end of the day.  Then again, I know people who journal throughout the day.  It really doesn’t matter.  The key is that you are being intentional about your day and what happens inside of it.   As a morning journaler, I won’t tell you that I always have enough time to journal like I would like.  Sometimes I simply write, “Thank you God that you are guiding me today”.  That’s it.  Your words don’t have to be long but do be intentional with your presence and your why. 



Taken individually, each one of these time tested actions will yield great results in starting your day off right and bring value to your life.  This does not mean everything will go your way.  On the contrary, we all face obstacles every day.  The objective is to connect with your deeper self and the spirit inside of you that is having this human experience. Restoring that connection and awareness will help you stay centered as the challenges of life swirl around you.  You’ll find over time that things that used to upset you no longer do.  One by one, they will all seem less significant until they are gone.


Have a beautiful day being and sending love to the world.





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