French Lavender Oil - 2oz
French Lavender Oil - 2oz
French Lavender Oil - 2oz
French Lavender Oil - 2oz

French Lavender Oil - 2oz

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Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of our premium French Alpine Lavender Oil. Sourced from a trusted farm in the French Alps, this 100% pure and organic oil is among the most potent in the world. Whether you use it to unwind before bed or invigorate your senses, this luxury oil is sure to provide the ultimate skin, hair, and aromatherapy experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Delara Bahadori
A product that WORKS!!

I had been having issues getting a good nights rest and not able to get fully into REM asleep. I learned that lavender helps induce this and ever since I started spraying this product on my pillow, I have been experiencing vivid dreams and feeling extremely well rested! Definitely a high quality product I would recommend to anyone.

Mary Martha
ALRARAH Lavender Oil is Marvelous & Smells Even Better

I suffered from multiple compression fractures and was given this Lavender Oil as a gift. My wonderful Michael put this marvelous oil on my back nightly. It is so soothing, smells superb, and gives me a wonderful nights sleep. My compression fractures healed faster than my doctor had ever seen before. I know for sure ALFARAH Lavender Oil was part of this miracle healing. I am forever thankful to my gift giver & everyone at ALFARAH.

MM Allen

Angela Schaack
Delightful Lavender Oil

There are a few things I love about this product. First, the quality of the lavender used to make the oil is exceptional evidenced by the pure fragrance. I also like that it absorbs quickly. And, the roll on bottle is great to take on the go where I go!


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