Why Alfarah's Lavender
vs. other brands?

Ethically Sourced - All Natural - Uncut - from Flower to Bottle - That's it

Why Lavender from Alfarah?

Not all lavenders are the same. As with many crops, there are a multitude of factors that effect the final product's potency and purety. Factors such as altitude, humidity, rainfall, days sunlight, harvesting techniques, processing, blending and more.
We can vouch for the purety and potency of our Lavender because we personally know our source. We were introduced to them from a mutual friend so we know their processes, techniques and growing conditions are not just words on a bottle, they are a way of living and doing business and they've been living this way for generations.
They've not invented a way to smell through our computers yet, but if they had, you'd stop reading at this point. The proof of quality is in the aroma. One whif of our pure uncut lavender and you know you've not smelled anything like this in your life. When we mean pure, we mean straight from the flower to the bottle. That's it.

Lavender vs. Lavendin


Fine population Lavender typically grows better in the mountains at an altitude between 600 metres to 1200 metres. The final product is more potent when exposed to some cold during the winter and some heat during the summer. Due to the altitude and mountainous terrain, the yields for this quality of lavender are much lower than than of other lesser quality lavenders. Pure Fine Lavender of this quality is used mostly in/for aromatherapy, perfumery, cosmetics, food, pharmacy. The scent is pretty floral, sweeter and softer. It is renowned for it's relaxing, antiseptic properties.


Lavandin on the other hand, usually grows better in the lower atltitude plains. As a result, the yields are higher and the price per acre is much lower than Lavender. Lavendin is a natural hybrid of true and aspic Lavender. It is sterile (seedless), so cuttings are used to reproduce and cultivate it. Lavandin produces more essential oil than fine population Lavender : around 150 kg per acre, so around 10 times more than the fine population Lavender which contributes to the price difference. Contrary to fine lavender, it has a tonic effect, not a relaxing one. It is best used around the house for its antibacterial properties and also used in aromatherapy, mostly by people with joints issues.


Some suppliers sell the cheaper "Lavendin" oil as "Pure Lavender" Oil. Some have also been known to blend the two to reduce costs. Alfarah's mission statement is tied closely with women getting a good night's sleep and reducing anxiety. Only Pure Lavender supports our mission. Currently, Alfarah sells only Pure Fine, uncut Lavender Oil. We leave it up to our customers to blend / dilute to their preferences. We are proud to offer our Pure Fine Lavender from the foothills of the French Alps. Please reach out if you have any other questions and if you entrust us wtih a purchase, please know we have a no questions asked return policy.