Blue Lotus Infused Himalayan Moringa Oil 1 oz Dropper
Blue Lotus Infused Himalayan Moringa Oil 1 oz Dropper

Blue Lotus Infused Himalayan Moringa Oil 1 oz Dropper

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Ladies, you’re going to love how our Blue Lotus Infused Moringa Oil makes your skin and hair glow!  

ALFARAH's organic and antioxidant rich Moringa oil is meticulously extracted from the moringa tree seeds, often referred as the “Miracle Tree” because of its healing qualities.

It will not only revive your skin and hair, but also lower inflammation, hydrate, and has healing antioxidants to protect you from cellular stress. 

We blend our Moringa with soothing blue lotus, which induces theta waves in the brain that produce calming sensations. You may find that challenges coming up during your day don’t feel as stressful!

Suggestions for Use:

  • Mix with sunscreen and apply
  • Mix with face lotion or other oils and apply
  • Mix with body lotion and apply 
  • Apply to your face or body skin all by itself!
  • Apply to hair for shine and hydration
  • Apply to eyebrows on its own

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Major hydrating

Bought this oil at a pop up shopping event in midland tx! Went through a whole bottle and am really enjoying the hydration and glow it’s offering my skin. I’m partial to breakouts and I’m not sure it’s helping that so much but it’s definitely not worse! I’m a repeat purchaser and will likely purchase again!


Loving this oil!!! So much hydration, smells amazing and my skin has never looked better!!! So glad I gave it try, I will definitely be repurchasing!!!

Leslie Anne

After a long heated summer day in Georgia, my curly hair was frizzy. I put a few drops of Moringa Blue Lotus in my hair and the curls came back. Thankyou Alfarah, I love your products

Ricardo Fernandez

Blue Lotus Infused Himalayan Moringa Oil for Skin & Hair

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