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I purchased this lavendar to gift it to a lovely woman who is healing from surgery. I was gifted this lavender when I was in great physical pain. The scent luscious & its soothing properties brought much peace & healing to me. I accidentally posted one star as I struggled entering my review. This lavender is marvelous. Thank you team Alfarah - much love.

Mary M

I was able to purchase with confidence even from Japan!

ありがとう御座いました! It just arrived♪ I'm very happy with the nice packaging. My wife also loves this oil. I will also give this as a gift to my dear friend! I use it every day without fail, so I would like to order it again soon.

Takeshi U

I’m in love with this product…it’s very nourishing to skin and the scent is out of this world…It’s become my favorite essential oil…spiritually uplifting…

Jacquelyn T

A product that WORKS!!

I had been having issues getting a good nights rest and not able to get fully into REM asleep. I learned that lavender helps induce this and ever since I started spraying this product on my pillow, I have been experiencing vivid dreams and feeling extremely well rested! Definitely a high quality product I would recommend to anyone.

Delara B

I am obsessed

So imagine your walking down the street in Santa Barbara at a craft and art fair and you smell the most earthy yet sexy aroma. You have to stop. You used to sell doterra so you think you know oils. So you dab a little on the back of your hand and walk away. You go try on some rings at a neighboring artists space. All of the sudden you look down and your hand is glowing. You set the rings down and run back to get some of that oil you tried. You take the bottle home. You start using it on your face. Then people everywhere stop you and ask what skincare you use…

You answer: I use one. ONE. Product. That’s it. It’s this blue lotus moringa oil…

ya’all I am not a paid advertiser. I am a mom. I have 4 kids. I am not kidding. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I don’t use moisturizer. I use a face wash and this at night. That’s it. If you don’t buy this, then great, more for me. 😂 I’m literally shocked at how incredibly soft my skin is. I wish I could use it all over.

Side note we used a little on my nephews eczema… it worked. I don’t want her to sell out so I’m going to stop here. Mic drop. We out.


Obsessed with the Moringa & Lavender Oils!

I am obsessed with these product. The smell is amazing, the results even better. I use these oils for everything, my skin, my hair, parts of my scalp, and even as perfume. I can't wait to try the bath salts I received today.


Yummy, soothing and familiar

I loved it the first time I was introduced to it on the boulevard in Santa Barbara! I got two small roll ons and gave them both away because I knew I would later order a bigger bottle! I use it in my hair, and on my skin. Also thanks for the bonus lavender pillow beads xo