Fine Lavender from the French Alps

Fine Lavender from the French Alps

So What is Moringa Oil Anyway?

Moringa Oil is one of our planets amazing miracle oils. It has similar characteristics to Vitamin E, but is not sticky. In fact, Moringa is a super hydrating, smooth, easily absorbed, highly anti-oxidant, high anti-microbial essential oil that is healing for even the most sensitive skin and hair. Studies show it is effective against aging, skin issues, and hair challenges including split ends, thinning hair, and even alopecia.

Moringa Oil by itself has a "nutty" aroma. As a result, Alfarah infuses its Moringa with pure Blue Lotus oil giving it a delicious aroma and putting you into a zen like state.

How to use Alfarah's Moringa Oil

For Body: Apply any time of day but best after a bath or shower to lock in hydration.

For Hair: a few drops in the palm and then finger comb through straight hair or scrunch into curly hair for an amazing shine.

For face: a small drop into the palms and gently massage into your forehead, around your eyes, cheeks and neck area to reduce and hydrate fine lines.

You'll love the way you look and feel!